Eeeny Meeny Wastes No Time to Address Waste

Posted by Ziggy on 28th Aug 2020

Eeeny Meeny Wastes No Time to Address Waste

Most days the monsters spend their time putting smiles on the faces of both our customers and our team. They spend hours dreaming up unique ways to keep fun fresh and make every day an adventure.

For instance, Meeny showed up half an hour late last week. No one knew where he was until he arrived with a boot full of boxes, filled with yummy fudge and declared that we must give them all away to deserving nominations on Facebook. Because we’re about making smiles!

And yesterday Eeny arrived with another surprise. ‘We need to make the whole country smile’ he said, and we’ll do that by being kinder to the environment. Becoming more sustainable and reducing waste.

Clipboard in hand, Eeny took it upon himself to conduct a waste audit of the Eeny Meeny warehouse and staff room. He dug through all the rubbish bins, noting down how many pieces of rubbish we collected that day. ‘Oh dear’ he sighed to himself. It turns out we’re not the tidy kiwis that we thought were. We have cardboard where it shouldn’t be and a desperate need for an organic bin in our staffroom.

But can simply having more bins solve all our waste problems?... Nope. We need to educate ourselves and encourage each other to be more mindful about what we put in our bins and reduce our dependency on disposable packaging.

Although the challenge is huge, there are some quick and common-sensical wins available. Providing big results and lots of smiles.

We’re going to take a deep breath and dive in, starting with:

  1. Adding an organics bin to our staff room
  2. Add more cardboard only bins to our warehouse
  3. Phase out disposable cups and discourage the use of paper towels over reusable tea towels.
  4. Increase our internal marketing efforts towards encouraging and educating our staff to be more mindful about where they put their waste.
  5. Conduct a second waste audit

And we could use your help.

We’d love to hear from educators about what mindful steps they are taking towards waste. Over on our Facebook page, we will put a call out for some artistic volunteers to create posters that can be displayed inside our workspace or displayed in your organisation.

30 creative volunteers will be selected, and each sent a set of 18 Funtastics markers along with a sustainability mission. Create a poster using those markers featuring one or all the monsters that encourages its viewer to be more mindful about waste production and reduction. Our fans will vote for their 3 favourites which will be transformed into downloadable posters by our art team.

This is only the beginning

As we take our annual trip around the sun, we’ll focus on how we as an organisation and as country can make positive impacts for our home. To assist, inspire and serve as a reminder of our responsibility to the land, we’ve launched our 2020 calendar. Each month has focus on a different aspect of sustainability and each month we’ll be reporting the positive changes that we’re making.

Contact us today to request you Eeny Meeny 2020 calendar.