The monsters have a lot to be happy about this Back to School

9th Feb 2021

The monsters have a lot to be happy about this Back to School

2020’s trip around the sun gave us all quite the unexpected adventure. From getting used to the ‘new normal’, launching two websites and discovering the monsters are aliens from planet Qizzle!

But the Qizzle monsters’ feet are firmly planted, and we are ready to bring on the 2021 school year!

The year of Inqizzitiveness!

And look at what we have already done!

It’s been a bumper season for the Qizzle team this back to school, with pallet after pallet of bulk stationery sent to schools throughout Aotearoa.


Also thousands of stationery packs for tamariki from hundreds of schools across NZ have been sent, dispatched at rocket speed, faster than our competition!

All that, and we’ve only just stepped off 2021’s start line! So what else do we have in store (get it!) for the year of inqizzitiveness? Well, our new 2021 calendar is out and it’s a celebration all things Inqizzltive, and we have even more surprises lined up for the year!

Our 2021 calendar has arrived, and for this annual trip around the Sun we’re celebrating InQIZZitiveness. After arriving on planet Earth the monsters from Qizzle want to share their knowledge with the tamariki of Aotearoa.

Each month of our new 2021 calendar highlights a topic for discussion, with fun facts on the back of each month, such as science, exploring the universe, history, setting goals, monster competitions and lots more!

As well as providing monthly knowledge, inspiration, and handy tips, our 2021 calendar also features lots of promotions such as double or even triple rewards days, Facebook gift days, nominate a workmate day and monster sale days! And on top of that we’ve learned the monster’s birthdays. Announcements of our celebration plans will be made here on Facebook and by email.

Feel free to request a 2021 calendar today.