The truth behind Qizzle rock candy

28th Oct 2020

The truth behind Qizzle rock candy

We’re learning loads of weird and wonderful facts about planet Qizzle from the monsters. For instance – Did you know the monsters of planet Qizzle consume a staple diet of Qizzle rock candy? 

But where and how do they get the rock candy?

That’s the question we put towards our fans on Facebook. And you responded with loads of creative & fun answers. We enjoyed them so much, that one of the answers is now a Qizzle fact! The official answer for how the rock candy is made on planet Qizzle!

Below are our top 5 favourite answers:

Emmaleen Sarten, Freyberg High School:

Qizzle rock candy is mined from the local Quizzle Caves. Every morning the Qizzle monsters voices can be heard being raised in unison as they sing their rock gathering song "Qizzle ho!". When in the caves it is only the right note being sung that causes the candy to light up so the monsters know where to lay their picks on the walls. Each pattern has a secret note only known to the Qizzle miners. As this is such a special process these rock candies are highly prized among the Qizzle community

Travis Georgia-Rose, Lincoln High School:

Qizzle Queen of Qizzleopia ordered the Knights of liquorice vanish all satiating sugar from the land. Qizzle Kingle decreed natural flavours and local grown produce be grown and the very best of it all used by Qizzlet kiddies to mix and test Qizzlerock creations. Until, one day the tiniest Qizzlelet creature stumbled on the perfect mix of qizberry juice and qizzlerock crunch to make the qizzleicious rock candy in shapes and colours and qizzicleiciousness flavours that Queen Qizzle was lifted high off her throne by the qizzlelie qizliciousness of what is now known as Qizzle rock candy.

Marina Seager, Riverton Childcare:

Cleary Qizzle rock candy grows on the Qizzle rock candy bushes, which flower monthly on the full moon. One day after the full moon, the flowers fall into small cellophane bags, and when you reach your hand in, the flowers immediately turn to candy. If the Qizzle rock candy is not consumed within 24 hours, it turns to ash and you must wait for the next full moon for the next flowering.

Joy McMahon, Henry Hill School:

Qizzle rock candy is made when all the monsters get together on a Friday night and have a jam session. The candy is made when they get their band together and 'Rock It Out.' Instead of musical notes being produced rock candy is produced. Rock candy is only made with Rock music (obviously pop music produces soda pop etc) that's why the monsters are always so happy!

(But only one can be Qizzle Fact)

Chelsea Willis, Koromatua school:

Qizzle rock candy is mined deep in the craters of their moon. They zoom in their gorgeous speedy Loon Zoomers to the moon and dig it up using Space Star Diggers. They use their quaggle crackers to crack open the rocks to get the candy out before loading up the Zoomer and booming at light speed back to their planet. 

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