Warm Fuzzy Feelings and an Environmental Message

Posted by Pop on 17th Feb 2020

Warm Fuzzy Feelings and an Environmental Message

Surprises can be so much fun! Sometimes they will come out of nowhere, carrying tidbits of joy & kindness, driving ourselves and others to look deeper at what we can do each day. And when Kim from Ngongotaha School provided us with an early submission of their waste reducing poster, it delivered all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings, synonymous with the best surprises.

Here’s a school with a belief in preserving what they have and embracing kindness towards planet.

The team at Ngongotaha school never shy away from our Facebook challenges, and their stance was no different when we declared our latest art & craft competition. To create a poster that encourages its viewer to be more mindful about waste production and reduction.

Weeks before its due date and within a few days of announcing the competition, they submitted an inspiring poster. Displaying how the school does their part to keep their home green and encourage tamariki to be respectful to the environment.

Depicting the waste reducing activities that the school performs from: recycling, to solar panels on their roof for heating the schools swimming pool. They also have a vegetable garden where they grow lettuces, carrots, silverbeet, cherry tomatoes and other fruit that students can take home to share with their whānau.

And being a tidy Kiwi isn’t exclusive for when they are at school either. They also encourage students and staff to walk and bike to school. Reducing individual carbon footprints and enabling them to experience their beautiful home the best way possible, in the fresh air and not peering at the outside through car windows.

It’s wonderful to see the positive impacts being made by schools and organisations throughout Aotearoa to be kinder to the planet, and we’d love to learn more about how your organisation is doing their part to care for our beautiful country.

If you have sustainability project at your organisation that may inspire others to make a positive impact in their communities, feel free to share it with us on Facebook or email us at